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10 More Art Journal Ideas

Ever feel a little stumped when you’re staring at your art journal? It’s tough breaking through that blank page, but it’s even more difficult if you’re having a hard time getting creative. One way that helps me get those creative juices flowing is using art journal prompts (just a fun way of saying art journal ideas).

Here are 10 more ideas to help you get started on art journal pages. And remember, these don’t have to be taken literally. Sometimes, you might see a prompt and it might just remind you of something else. Create that! Just use these to help portray a feeling, interpret a memory, or just play with a color one of these ideas brings to mind.

  • Superhero or comic book character
  • Vehicle, such as a car or a motorcycle
  • Landscape with mountains and a sunset
  • Cityscape with tall buildings
  • Portrait of a loved one or a friend
  • An animal, such as a dog or a cat
  • Still life set up with fruit or flowers
  • Garden with blooming flowers
  • Beach scene with palm trees
  • Forest with tall trees and a river

I picked “Cityscape with tall buildings” and did the first one with a light background and played around with some color burst powder I had in my stash that I hadn’t used in years. For the buildings, I actually used modeling paste and a stencil I had for a horizontal background, but by turning it on its side, it looked like buildings to me. (You can see the results in the image at the top of this post). But then I thought about what it would look like if I made a cityscape at night. I enjoyed this prompt a lot! If I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t use the black color burst powder because it looks a little like mold on the buildings. 🙂 Lesson learned! But I still like it.

For even more art journal ideas, check out 80 Art Journal Prompts here.

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