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8 Ways To Use an Art Journal

There is often a misconception about what to put in an art journal. For instance, some may think it’s just for practicing art techniques. Some may believe an art journal should have miraculous works of art on every page. Neither is the case. An art journal is whatever you want it to be! There are no “rules” and your journal is just that… yours.

However, it is a little different than a standard “journal.” People do use it as a way to communicate thoughts, feelings, fears, desires, etc. with words, color, and drawings (or whatever you feel at the time). There isn’t one thing you HAVE to do in an art journal. Art journaling is simply an artful way to express yourself creatively and reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Here are a few ideas (eight, in fact) to help get you started on something new!

Personal growth: Document your personal growth journey, including both your achievements and challenges.

Mood tracking: Use colors, symbols, or illustrations to represent different emotions and reflect on what caused them.

Travel journaling: Use your art journal to record your travels, including sketches of your surroundings, ticket stubs, and other mementos.

Gratitude journaling: Write down things you are thankful for each day or make a collage of things that bring you joy. (Yes, good dark chocolate brings me joy.)

Daily musings: Write down your thoughts and feelings each day or use your journal as a platform to brainstorm new ideas.

Nature journaling: Draw or paint the plants and animals you see while exploring nature or create a scrapbook of your outdoor adventures.

Art therapy exercises: Practice slow, intentional movements like the ones I teach in this “Calm the Mind” course.

Mind mapping: Use your art journal to visually organize your ideas and connect related concepts.

Recipe journaling: Create a visual record of your favorite recipes, including illustrations of the finished dishes and notes about ingredients and cooking methods.

Remember, art journaling is really about self-expression and there are no rules. Get creative and find what works best for you!

What are you using your art journal for?

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